The Handsome Tofu
DeFKa, Assen, Netherlands, 2007

Tofu incorporates the meaning of mildness, nutriousness, purity, shaped shapelessness, tasteful tastelessness, crème de la crème, exclusiveness, peacefulness and so on, which were the inspirationto to build this show.

“The mad hatter” refers to the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland who constantly gives tea parties. Hatters had the professional risk of going insane due to the then unknown effect of quicksilver on the nervous system, used in hat manufacturing.

The mad hatter is a metal cast standing amid a installation which is arranged like a japanese style Tofu dish. The Tofu being built out of plastic laminate. Felt hats, like gluey beansauce, the acrylic body of an electric guitar with a baguette as a neck, Japan lacquered wood representing beans and dried seaweed. Autumn leaves are hanging from the ceiling, a standard decoration in Japanese supermarkets.

The Flow Chart Folder contains images of the “The handsome Tofu”. An embroidered diagramm, this diagramm represents a part of the functioning of our Headquaters. It describes the interconnectedness and nature of Tofu as a concept, Gregory Maass and his idols, Nayoungim and the themes important to her thinking and a blunt methodology of our communal work.

The Tofu Shelve Folder contains images of a plastic laminate shelves built in the shape of the word Tofu, the shows main piece.