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hobo sapiens

Artist Club, Le Coffre Fort, Brussles, Belgium, 2016

No ego ego-trip

split/fountain Auckland, New Zealand, 2013


Quiet days in cliché

DAM, Daegu, Korea, 2013


Liaisons dangereuses

Space C, Seoul, 2013


The saussage is a harsh mistress

After the butcher, Berlin, Germany, 2013

Is the fluxus on the floor or is the floor on the fluxus?

Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, Korea, 2013

Omium gatherum

Seoul Culture Station, 2012


Plateau, Seoul, 2012

The Abyss gazes also

Photo Biennial Daegu, 2012

There is no beer in Hawaii

ArtClub 1568, Seoul, 2012


Mental meltdown

Gallery Hyundai, 2012

Psychotic Mickey Mouse

Seoul Culture Station,2012

Staircase wit

Seoul Culture Station, 2012


That´s right, brown!

Seoul Culture Station, 2012

Two loose low tracks

GCC, Korea, 2012


Corner Gallery, Seoul, 2012

It´s a tough world in here

Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, 2011

Powr mastrs

Artsonje Center, Seoul, 2011

Island of Boredom

Commercial Bank, Daegu, Korea, 2011


Chinese Restaurant

Clayarch Museum, Gimhae, Korea, 2010


Use your noodle!


Relationships do not exist


Matched MatchBox



Domaine de St. Ser, France, 2010

The best neighborhood

Osaka Art Fair, Japan, 2010

SL tower

SL Training Institute, Kyongsan, Korea,

Snowman for Busan

Busan, Korea, 2010

The early worm

Space Hamilton, Seoul, 2010

The heart of enterprise

Art and Craft Biennale, Cheongju, Korea, 2009


Platform Seoul at Kimusa, 2009

Ah, leg...wait!...ooh, that´s better. Where was I?

Le BAR, Roubaix, France 2009

Survival of the shitest

3bisF, Aix-en-Provence, France, 2009

Beyond twinkling space

B5 Studio, Mures, Romania, 2009

You got to be like water

Oxwarehouse, Macau, 2009


Gallery Shilla, Daegu, Korea,2008

Mona Lisa Overdrive

Seoul Station, 2008

Gana Art Center

Seoul, 2008

Kim Kim Gallery

Market Gallery,Glasgow, Scotland, 2008

Two million years of art.

S11 Künstlerhaus, Solothurn, Switzerland, 2008

Don´t hassle the hof!

Galérie du jour, Paris, France, 2008

The handsome Tofu

DeFKa, Assen, Netherlands, 2007

How smart is a rock?

APAP, Anyang, Korea, 2007

Mr. Blackball

Neuer Giessener Kunstverein, Giessen, Germany, 2007

The Mad Doctor

Triangle, Marseille, 2007

Flow chart

Sardine Factory, Bergen, Norway, 2007

Fondue pagoda

Lokaal 01, Antwerp, Belgium, 2005

Grand drawings

Lokaal 01, Antwerp, Belgium2005

Hendrik Ibsen´s satellite

Trondheim, Norway, 2005

Jaded zombies of the stratosphere

Amot Gard, Norway, 2006

Riding giants

K3 Zürich, Switzerland, 2005

Scientific box

Lokaal 01, Antwerp, Belgium, 2006

The beauty of being numb

mini salon, Munich, Germany, 2006

Bold eyeball

Hinterconti Art space, Hamburg, Germany,2005

Fine for a robot

De nederlandsche Cacaofabriek, Helmond, Netherlands, 2006

Migrant overture

London, 2005

Sock drier

Kunstraum Baden, Switzerland, 2004

Today is boring

Project Space Sarubia, Seoul, 2005

Ambient cowboy hat

Triangle, Marseille, France, 2007


Centre Est-Nord-Est, Canada, 2005

Mandeuk super

Technomart, Seoul, 2002

Bézier spline

Kunsthalle Baden, Switzerland, 2005

Vegetable still lifes


Toilet paper still lifes

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